When Europeans go the cinema, what do they watch?

All of the top-10 most watched films in Europe are US productions or co-productions involving the US.

Film series such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter feature prominently.

If it is not produced in the US, it probably involves France.

Here are the top-10 films most watched across Europe, excluding US productions.

Even excluding all cinema tickets sold in France, the top-10 is still filled with French productions.

French films are popular well beyond their home market.

Who watched the most films produced in their home country?

In most European countries, Hollywood dominates the market.

US productions
US-European co-productions
European productions

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What did we watch in 2016?

Who goes most often to the cinema?

There seems to be a North-South and an East-West dimension.

Exceptions to the rule (such as Estonia) may provide hints about which policies bring more people to the cinema.

Some remarkable trends

Estonia’s case is particularly remarkable, as cinema-going has increased substantially in the last two decades.

In France, this figure has remained relatively stable.

In Spain, it has apparently followed the trajectory of the economy.

In Romania, cinema-going decreased through the 1990s, but has picked up in recent years.


Data have been extracted from the Lumiere database maintained by the European Audiovisual Observatory in collaboration with various specialised national sources as well as the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

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