A selection of digested resources
from the Media Freedom Resource Centre

Monitoring Media Pluralism in Europe 2016

Monitoring Media Pluralism in Europe 2016

The Media Pluralism Monitor is a tool that has been developed by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) in order to assess risks to media pluralism in selected countries. The 2016 edition of the MPM has also taken into consideration the case of Montenegro, a country where a formally "European" legislative framework has already been developed, but where the relevant institutions and the main political actors are not sufficiently committed to create a climate of respect for the law and of protection of guaranteed freedoms. [More here]

Media Sustainability Index IREX 2017


The IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI), developed by IREX, pays particular attention to economic sustainability, quality of journalism, and management practices. Although in Montenegro regulation is in line with European standards, IREX highlights the persisting negative trends in the media sector. Political interferences, polarisation, economic and occupational precarity and impunity for crimes against media professionals are commonplace in Montenegro. [More here]

Montenegro: Freedom House 2016


Freedom House traces a comprehensive picture of the latest developments of the media sector in Montegro. The most significant events occurred in 2016 include: the lawsuit for press defamation filed and won by the sister of former Prime Minister Dukanovic, part of a long series of legal actions she has taken against the media; the adoption of a code of ethics for journalists, which should help fix the growing divergences within the profession; and the pretextual imprisonment of journalist Jovo Martinovic. [More here]

Media Clientelism Index 2016


The Media Clientelism Index examines the ways in which corruption and clientelism influence the media by monitoring the relationships between politics, economic centres, the media, and citizens. In 2016, the Index registered a significant deterioration in all observed countries, including Montenegro. According to this study, among the areas monitored, Montenegro performs worst in professional ethics: journalism ethics in the country is little developed and does not constitute a shared cultural foundation. [More here]